Hello, darlings! Don't be scared, I'm quite sane, I promise you. | A Sherlockian, a Potterhead, a Trekkie, among other things. | A pianist, a violinist, a ukulele-ist (for the sake of consistency, bear with me), and hopefully, one day, a guitarist. I know next to nothing about singing, but I've not got a completely unbearable voice and a life of music has made me not entirely tonedeaf. Thankfully. | I wouldn't call myself an artist, but you will find no notebook of mine not completely filled with drawings. | Have a nice day. <3

Jim: “GET UP!”

Seb: ?

Jim: “Let’s shoot things!”


Have a great day, Sebbles!

I hope today was better than yesterday for you <3

In fact, I hope you all had fantastic days, and if not, I’m hoping┬áthese drawings might make you smile :)

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